We’re Having Another Boy!

Yep, you read that right. We’re having another little boy. While I was pregnant with Atticus, Thomas and I were both pretty adamant about NOT finding out. We were team green (and yellow) all the way… and I absolutely loved it. I never second guessed or wanted to know whether I was carrying a little boy or a little girl. This pregnancy started out pretty much the same way. Then, we started talking, and thinking, and trying to figure it all out. All of that, led us here…

Brother Pic

Oh my goodness I love my Atticus! A few balloons and a cute face go a long way. If we’re being honest though, he really doesn’t care if he’s having a brother or a sister. He knows (as much as any 2 1/2 year old can know) that a baby is coming and “it’s in mommy’s belly.” As far as boy or girl goes though? Eh… not really important to him… at least not right now. ;)

I think one of the things that changes between baby #1 and baby #2 is which parts seem exciting. With your first, or at least in our situation, we were getting ready for EVERYTHING! We knew that we wanted to invest in stuff that could be used for more than one child, and so gender just didn’t make a difference. Just getting ready for a baby, was a huge undertaking. Now, we’re getting ready for a second baby, and all the big stuff is already here. This time, we can have fun and get excited about getting ready for another boy. Granted, the good news is, there isn’t a lot of buying and purchasing to do. (We lugged almost all of Atticus’s baby stuff with us in our cross country haul.) We can still fix the room up, focus on names for another boy, and just get ready.

I don’t think knowing the gender of your baby makes your more or less connected. (I actually just finished a piece on bonding during pregnancy for MomStart…) I DO think it ensures you won’t have your mind thinking you’re going to have something you’re not when delivery time rolls around. I didn’t have that problem the first time around. I kind of thought it might be a boy, but did a great job convincing myself I didn’t know. This time I had already “decided” both ways at some point in the first 17 weeks!

So, for all those friends and family of ours who were wondering what in the world changed our mind… and to remind us if we ever decide to do this again… THAT is why we decided to find out. Now I can get ready for 2 boys that will be almost exactly 3 years apart. They’ll be in school together, though probably not play any sports together. They’ll be close enough in age to battle, but hopefully far enough apart to get away from each other. What do I hope for the most? (Outside of being healthy, of course!) I hope that they are friends… not just brothers… but 2 boys (and eventually 2 men) that truly like each other, care for each other, and consider themselves the best of friends.


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