Less Words Wednesday – Markers are for Paper

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I’m working really hard (REEEEAAALLY hard) to do the whole say what I want Atticus to do instead of saying what he is doing wrong thing. It’s hard. For example, I say, “We touch Lucy gently,” instead of “STOP HITTING THE DOG!” I can’t lie, it doesn’t always come out the right way, and when it does, it doesn’t always work. The point is, I TRY.

ANYWAY, one of the usually phrases is “Markers are for paper.” Most of the time markers actually just stay put away, but every now and then they get to come out for some fun. I made the mistake during pack-a-palooza last week of giving Atticus the markers… and walking away. I KNOW, I KNOW! What was I thinking, right? Well, the good news is, it wasn’t that bad. The even better news is, they were washable. Here’s what it looked like.

Wait.... I don't remember those socks having green spots...


...Oh my...


Let us not miss the hands in all their glory... as he continues to try and spice them up...


NOW he uses the paper.


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