Are You There Blogosphere? It’s Me, Ashley…

This week has been what I really HOPE is the craziest I will have for awhile… but I think it’s only the beginning. I feel like I have almost fallen off of the Momicles bandwagon…. DON’T WORRY! I just FEEL that way… that’s not how it really is. I know you were holding your breath until I cleared that up. ;)

Empty PODS Pod (And a Lucy making sure she doesn't get left behind)

Anyway, the truth is, the past 7 days have been a complete whirlwindy blur. We hit crunch time. Everything we were planning to take with us to NC had to be packed up into our POD and ready to go by today, AND we had the garage sale of the century (okay… maybe just of the decade), Thomas went to China, my sister get’s married in less than one month, and my friend Karla came out here to help me survive. Just to clarify, by “survive” I mean ended the week without too many unexplained bruises and most of my sanity still in tact. Add to this a busy little boy, the normal ins and outs of mommy life, and trying to prep things in NC from afar… WHEW! I’ve got to be honest – I kept up my writing for MomStart, but somehow my sweet little Momicles baby got pushed aside. (Saying sorry to my baby as I pat my computer softly on the head…)

One thing is for sure. I feel so lucky… and so loved. First of all, my friend volunteered to come out here and spend her vacation time helping me do a bunch of packing, cleaning, organizing, pricing, babysitting, diaper changing… and anything else that feel into the schedule. I don’t know of many people who would have worked like that for nothing. She is just that type of friend. I even told her that I felt like I owed her something like my first born – even though that was DEFINITELY not going to happen.

Full PODS pod

On top of having such a great friend come out to help, I’ve been reminded of how amazing my MOMS Club is. I won’t beat around the bush. MOMS Club has had its ups and downs, but when push comes to shove, it has been one of the best decisions of my mommyhood life. These ladies are AMAZING. The donated tables and racks to our garage sale, came and shopped, have been offering words of encouragement, and just some very friendly faces to have around. Not to mention, some of the closest friends I have here in WA are MOMS I met through MOMS Club. I know I’ll be staying in touch with them no matter how far away I am.

I’ve even been thrown back into contact with some of the people who were my first WA family…  I don’t even know how  to describe those relationships and people. One day I should start an entire category dedicated to stories from my school. No, I haven’t been the best at keeping in touch. Once some of them heard I was leaving though, they made it a point to make plans with me. How lucky am I to have had such amazing people in my life?!?

It's tough when the fridge won't fit through the front door and instead gets taken out the back, down the stairs, and through the bumpy yard...

Then that brings me to now… The POD has been packed. We’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The fridge is gone. Our Costco milk is squeezed into a dorm fridge. We’re eating out way more than I’d like to admit. I’m completely THRILLED to be heading back to NC… and I’m feeling a little sad to say goodbye to some of my WA memories. UGH! Silly as it might be… there go the eyes getting a little watery… and that’s enough of that… for now anyway. (I’m sure you can plan on a tearful “Goodbye to WA” post coming before too long.)

So, back to the matter at hand. Blogosphere? Oh blogosphere? Are you there, Blogosphere? It’s me, Ashley… I promise I’m not leaving. I’m not even any less dedicated than I was… just being pulled in a few (hundred) different directions, saying farewells, and transitioning into the next chapter. Glad you’re along for the ride.



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